Store-level settings feature is available now!!
We're excited to announce that we now supports store-level settings for single-brand multi-store setups! With this update, you can easily personalize your plugin's settings for each individual store to better fit their specific needs.
In cases where a store hasn't made any personalized settings, the plugin will display the default settings of the single brand. However, we've made it easy for you to enable and make personalized store-level settings by providing a clear prompt to turn on the feature before making any changes.
This ensures that you have full control over each store's settings while maintaining a consistent brand identity across all stores.
We believe this update will greatly improve your multi-store management experience and help you provide a more tailored and engaging shopping experience for your customers. Try it out today and let us know what you think!
Enjoy macro feature!
Shortcuts has been released. Set up quick answers to your most popular questions prepared in advance. Come and enjoy the function !✨
Email integration function is available.
Email integration has been released. Connect your email with us to turn on Ticketing and manage all messages from your customers directly in your Willdesk Inbox!
Support to distinguish store setting appearance and FAQ
You can customize a primary color for your live chat widget's appearance and separate FAQ page for different stores
Teams and Auto-assignment team rule
Teams and Auto-assignment team rule has been released. Support to assign inquiries from multi stores to separate teams.